Low-carbon, sustainable future thread .. transport, industry, homes etc


Nov 28, 2018
Was reading this article this morning and it really struck a warming number of chords with me. Not alone the sustainable nature of what this boat / trip is about but also the historic resonance of a sail boat docking in COBH Harbour and shipping Irish products to the rest of the world .. as article says

Ships like her once brought the best of Cork, butter, beef, pork, beer and whiskey, to the four corners of the world when Cork was one of the great trading ports of northern Europe.

They are looking for Irish biz to partner with them with other Irish products to ship in the future.


next summer, the Tres Hombres and her sister ships will be offering passenger travel from Cork to European ports including Amsterdam.

Another resonance was the route they took to get to Cobh.

"We came from Copenhagen, it's been 14 days, we went over the top of Scotland and down the Irish sea, we saw lots of whales and sea-life, and it's an absolute pleasure to tie up in Cobh.

Avoiding pretty much, Brexit land.

Lots of threads and resonances here and a feeling of us here in Ireland and being a valued part of EUROPE

In a broader sense I thought it a good idea to have a general thread on our sustainable future to discuss things like this because it is our future now?
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