Cervical Smear test Scandal: There were TEN undisclosed labs.


Nov 27, 2018
Nov 27, 2018
When they switched Pap slides to the US, I somehow got the idea that one lab was handling all that extra volume.

Did the fact the lab in Salford was retrospectively accredited have any effect on the actual quality of the screening? From the Indo article:

However, he said the lab was later accredited and he found no evidence of poor standards.
So it sounds like no harm was done in Salford.
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Feb 15, 2019
The Watermelon Patch
Outsourcing’s not a bad thing on its face, it makes sense for a country the size of Ireland to do it.

What matters is how Ireland gets to know that quality expectations are being met during the screening work. So if there’s an independent company double checking results to make sure that the agreed % is being met.

In this case: the additional out-outsourcing of work should have been something Ireland knew about. It may be a breach of contract if we didn’t. But if that independent company has been checking their results as well then there’s no increased risk.


Apr 3, 2019
In fairness, I don't suppose that FF/FG or the PD's were aware of this level of detail?
TDs such as Brid Smyth were demnding the government investigate the outssourcing in greater details in the Dail until they were blue in the face, but FF, Simon Harris and the government CONTINUED to insist that the outsourcing was not the issue. They either knew and were lying or didn't bother to find out. Either way, theis government should be down, Harris should be gone and FF/PDs should be investigated for their roles in this.


Dec 11, 2019
And the cervical smear scandal continues apace under this appalling government. How any woman can vote for any party in this government is beyond me. They clearly don't give a toss about women in this country.

Elaine Loughlin on Twitter: "#CervicalCheck clinical director Dr Nóirín Russell, goes on national radio to announce that almost 200 women will need to be retested as smears weren’t fully examined, but these women haven’t been informed of this yet. She then gives the wrong number for a helpline. 🤷‍♀️" / Twitter
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